Divine Smartbrain Kids Academy

DSKA intends to instil  the skills required for right brain development. Divine Smartbrain Kids Academy is founded by Mr. Vinod Grover(Managing Dirctor) & Mrs. Asha Grover(Technical Director) having vast experience in the field of education. Foundation of Divine Public School (Unit of Divine Educational Society) and Divine Vatika Play and primary School laid by the high esteemed group of people. They have now stepped in establishment of Divine Smartbrain Kids Academy Pvt. Ltd.  DSKA serves to the need of people who are really interested to impart quality education to their children.

DSKA is seeking for smart, English speaking and energetic people all over india and abroad to be master franchisee and franchisees. Just imagine how much time do you take to calculate 5432+7859. In the classes, he/she can solve complex calculations within seconds. It is already proved that using virtual abacus in mind, children become faster than the calculator. Our class tutorials expects the students to develop basic skills like observation, listening skill, learning skill, visualization skill to such an extent that helps them not only in mathematics but also in all subjects hence brings all round proficiency in them. Regular and systematic practice drill make them more focussed, sharper and stronger. Senses of seeing , listening, hearing and touching are stimulated.

Research has shown that people who are good at abacus and perform mental calculations with very fast pace and use right brain more effectively. Rhyme based magic words, observation tests, brain gym tests. Puzzles, Creative drawing and  English enrichment exercises provide wholesome development of brain. Hence DSKA helps the students to climb the ladder of success with ease and comfortability.

 We Believe in motto that   " Quality Always Scores.."