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About Course : 

DSKA affirms that 5-15 yrs is the age when 75% of the brain develops. Hence this time is very crucial for right left brain of children . DSKA is catering the needs of developing minds and flourishing the all round personality of children. Bringing them with Decision making, Reasoning capabilities and implementation qualities, it is making them more Smarter, Stronger and most successful in life.

Concept of Abacus:

DSKA divide the whole curriculum in 10 levels :

Each level  is full of enriching experience of Brain gym exercises, English enrichment exercises, Brain teasers , puzzles, pictorial modules  at times, add less exercises observation tests, speed tests and much more. Initially students perform calculations on abacus using rhymes based magic words. During this period their senses  of hearing, listening, observing and touching are stressed and stimulated. Conceptual knowledge helps them to dril the concepts and they become more focussed and start taking oral dectations on abacus. Brain gym exercise increase their memory rentention.

Accuracy becomes more prominent. Then they start performing calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and much more on virtual abacus using their imagination.

Representation of Numbers -

 Two Digits Number                          Three Digits Number                  Four Digits Numbers


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