Franchisee  FAQ:

Que1: What Infrastructure is required for whole course?

Ans - Infrastructure required for the course is a room with sitting arrangement of atleast 15 students with a white Board and Teacher's abacus.              

Que2: How is the staff trained?

Ans -  Staff is trained for the course level  wise. Training for Ist level is for 4 days. After that faculty can start teaching the students of 1st level. Before the  students complete 1st level  book at their centre. Faculty needs to take next level training. Every level training is imparted to the faculty well in advance before the students complete previous level books. It is teacher's responsibility  to complete the books of every level before the students reach to that particular level. Except 1st level training, training of each level is for one day everytime.

Que3: How much time is needed  for establishment of this business?

Ans -  After completion of Ist level Training ,one can start business and atleast one academic session is required to establish the business successfully.         

Que4: How can a faculty start teaching?

Ans -  Just after 1st level training, one can start teaching the students.

Que5: What are the benefits of abacus learning?

Ans -   Abacus is the tool to experience concentration in learning ability, listening skill and visualisation skill.. 

Most important part is their right brain development through these activities with decision making and risk taking abilities which brings all round proficiency.

Que6: What is the difference between abacus methodology and school methodology?

Ans - School methodology acquaints them with knowledge and concepts. Abacus education relates about practical implications and teaches them to take numbers as a whole. Moreover child  does not have the option of loosing concentration in abacus technology.

Que7: Why it is compulsory for age 5-15 years for this course?

Ans - Scientifically, brain comprises right & left brain. Maximum growth of  both the brains takes place at this age. Rest 25% of brain develops after this age. Hence to attain success in life, it is compulsory to develop both parts of the brain simultaneously.