Franchisee Options:

Education is the sphere which is abundant of growth opportunities in modern world. Every parent is concerned immensely about the learning potential of his/her child. There are upcoming problems with the growth of children and there is unprecedented need for finding the problems which are increasingly growing everyday. They not only think to solve their own problems by generating high income but also sharing the problems of society by developing the skills required for success of children. DSKA is at different ball together whose motive to develop all round personality of children by making them more Sharper, Stronger and Smarter. This is the business opportunity we are aiming at. If you are a self motivated person who constantly aim for quality and customer satisfaction in any business, then DSKA offers you best opportunity to learn, earn and grow.

Product Promotion:

DSKA is always one step ahead of others in researching new ideas to develop the programme.  At times we evaluate and improve our business strategies.

Centers have an access to use professionally prepared advertising material and promotional material including leaflets, banners, public relation materials and   designs.

Training :

Extensive training sessions are conducted well in advance before the regular teaching schedule. Extensive usage of Brain gym exercises, Brain teasers and IQ tests are equipped to the faculties so that trainer remain more focussed while teaching the students. The trainer well equips the faculty with supplementary English enrichment exercises and other fun filled exercises to sustain the interest level of children . Infact centre owners and faculties become part of DSKA family.

    Divine smartbrain kids academy offers  franchisee opportunities to those people.

         1. Who want to start their own Business with  low Investment.

       2. Who want to generate high income with less time.

       3. Who want to do it while doing other jobs.

       4. Who  are educated   and want to be self employed.                

       5. Who  want to utilize their leisure time in productive way.

   Franchisee Investment :

                                  Nominal  franchisee fee –Rs 30,000/

                         Training fee(all  levels) _Rs 15,000/

   Franchisee Package:

        Company is keeping certain principals for their franchisees:

          1. To provide qualilitaive and quantitative training to Faculties  and Franchisees.

        2. To provide teacher's training well in time before students complete  previous            


        3. To provide best study material and services.

          4. To acquaint  the faculty with devotion,  spirit of teaching , honesty and value    

             added knowledge. 

    Franchisee  Area :     

              i.    300Sq feet Minimum.

        ii.    1 Classroom (min), Reception and Toilet facilities.

        iii.   Location : Residential or semi commercial.

        iv.  Interior & Furniture : As per Dska Norms.

        v.  Programme Material : All centres will be provided materials regularly .

-    Book/ Assignments

-    Curriculum

-     Plans

-     Important circulars

-    Support material as teaching aids .